About us

H2 Mexico was founded in 1998 in Hermosillo México by Francis Wartenbergh and Graciela Barraza, both of whom had already worked for ten years in the H2A program. Since then H2 Mexico has provided a full range of services to U.S. employers who require assistance processing Mexican workers under the H2 visa program.

The U.S. Consulate in Hermosillo México, located just south of Arizona, is the ideal processing location for workers that are traveling to any destination in the western half of the United States. Hermosillo is located just far enough away from the insecure border towns and has a reputation for being one of the safer cities in Mexico. Our offices are conveniently located next door the U.S. Consulate and nearby low cost hotels, as well as the Consular Services Center.

Unlike most U.S. Consulates throughout México, the consular services center (where photographs and fingerprints are taken) is located within a five to ten minute walk from the U.S. Consulate and our offices.

Our mission is twofold

We provide competent and efficient processing services while working closely with the U.S. Consulate. We work in tandem with labor associations and businesses as well as attorney’s and human resources departments. Additionally, we strive to ensure the well being and security of the individual workers during their stay in Hermosillo and travel to the U.S.


Our diverse staff consists of Mexicans and Americans who speak spanish and english natively.

Additional services

Apart from visa processing, we provide a host of other services
that your company may require. These services include:

Travel and Lodging

Our offices are conveniently located near cost conscious hotels. Additionally, we work closely with legitimate transportation companies that are bonded, ensured and licensed. They provide professional drivers who have proper visas and documentation to transport workers into the United States. These companies provide two drivers to ensure safe driving conditions.


We employ a trained and experienced staff. They will call and speak directly to your workers in order to screen and interview them appropriately. We work hard to learn if these workers are both right for you and able to qualify for work visas.


We will interview in Spanish your workers to thoroughly review their work ability. Also when needed, we will recruit and find workers.

Document signing

Oftentimes during the process, workers are required to sign a variety of documents to ensure they understand and comply with United States guest worker program. We will help review these documents and ensure the workers understand all requirements completely.

Contract review

We will review with each worker all necessary employment contracts ensuring they understand their obligations and period of employment. We will make sure that the workers understand the where, when and how of the job and the guest worker program.