We have been in business for two decades and we have placed many workers in multiple industries throughout the United States.

These industries include housekeeping, restaurant, landscaping, agriculture, rock quarry, construction and seafood processing to name just a few. We have seen workers from our office employed in more than thirty states.

H2 Mexico works on your behalf in México.

In addition to filling out the DS-160 we also interview and screen potential workers and present them at the U.S. Consulate for interviews and approval of work visas. Additionally, we can arrange for worker transportation if needed. Our mostly bilingual staff will maintain close contact with your company during the entire process.

H2 Mexico maintains a constant database of individuals with little formal education, yet practical experience who are ready and eager to work in the U.S. These workers do well in a variety of industries such as agriculture, construction, tourism and landscaping.

Agricultural workers and landscapers are generally recruited from central México.

There is an abundant supply of people with farming and ranching experience. These workers have a broad range of backgrounds and most have prior experience working for U.S. companies. These workers are highly motivated as they work to improve their lives and those of their families.

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